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Fork Service - from $186.00 (damper rod forks), $215.00 (cartridge type forks) & $235.00 (4CS/Air forks) per pair. Shock Service - from $129.00. Servicing includes disassembly, clean, thorough inspection of all working internals and wearing parts, chrome fork tubes and shock shafts are linished, then reassembled with fresh oil.

Any worn parts will be replaced as required at extra cost.

Re Valving

Forks - Re Valve - from $389.00 (pair) including main seals and oil. Shock - Re Valve - from $233.50. Re configuring compression and rebound shim stacks to suit individual needs ie type of riding, speed and weight. In some circumstances it may be necessary to replace the complete dampening device at extra cost. Free basic set up included in the price.

Includes dis-assembly, clean, thorough inspection of all working internals and wearing parts, chrome fork tubes and shock shafts are micro polished, then re-assembled with fresh oil. Any worn parts are replaced at extra cost.

Suspension Set Up

Basic Set Up - adjusting pre load to get the required sag, setting dampening adjusters to control the rate of compression and rebound. Cost $50.00, takes roughly 30 minutes, needing the bike and the rider, by appointment only. Also this is the time to mention any problems you may be having and we can take these into consideration when we are adjusting your bike's suspension. Sometimes during the course of a Basic Set up, possible inadequacies in your suspension may be highlighted ie maybe wrong spring rate, insufficient dampening, etc.

Generally this gives you a starting reference as far as were the basic adjustments should be, to give you a balanced and controlled bike. The aim is to try and get the most out of your bike's suspension.

Shock Rebuilds

Shock Rebuild - from $399.00. If your shock is leaking and has shaft damage (corrosion pits or worn through, scoring), it becomes necessary to rebuild your shock. This requires the shock to be disassembled to enable the shaft to be sent off for re-hard chroming. Re-hard chroming is where the hard chrome surface of the shaft is ground back to bare metal, rebuilt up with fresh hard chrome and then ground to tolerance. We replace all appropriate parts ie O Rings, Seals, Seal & Wiper and Guide Bush. It is reassembled with fresh oil and gas.


Replacement Shocks

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Sissis goes under Mac Park lap record

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Arthur Sissis unofficially cracks the Mac Park lap record of 1:11.5 by doing a stunning lap of 1:10.7 today.  The time spent on developing his suspension has paid off.

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What Our Clients Say

Finke Set Up

Set my Honda up for the finke last year, I didn't think my suspension was that bad until pete and the boys sorted it! Sandy woops no problem now. Great service and price.

Matt Leary

Set Up to Suit Me

Want to go to a motorcycle repair shop where they are so careful and clean that you could eat lunch off the workshop floor ? GO TO THIS PLACE GSX1400 I weigh 100 kg and the original suspension probably suited someone who weighed 60 kg On every bend the bike felt reluctant to go where it was pointed and tried to wash the front wheel out Pete Hoey changed the suspension settings and tyre pressures which helped quite a bit. He recommended new front springs and a rebuild for the rear shocks The bike also ran a bit ragged up to about 2500 to 3000 rpm Got it back yesterday after fitting of new 100 kg front springs, rear shock rebuild, throttle body balance and service Corners great. So much better it's hard to describe properly Pulls cleanly from idle revs I'm fussy but completely satisfied Highly recommended

Ratty Meister

Tyre Wear

I happened to have both sets of R1 wheels off today and thought it worth taking a few photographs to send to you. They show tyre wear before the latest change to the 9.5 kg rear spring and the ride height adjuster and after my final set up. Both tyres (both Dunlop KR133's) experienced similar conditions and had the same tyre pressures. As you'll see, the rear tyre looks spot on now ... and my times on the "After" tyre are a couple of seconds faster and feel comfortable. I'm off to Phillip Island in 2 weeks for 2 days of riding - that will be a fair test.


Our Team

At Hoey Racing we are very particular with the Team we choose. We have been through a great deal together and are more like family.

Our Team


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